How to Create a Facebook Event

One should not underestimate Facebook Events as a means to spread a word on your event promotion. People share interesting events, invite their friends to attend, discuss events and even use them to mark a date on their calendar. So do not lose the chance to use Facebook platform for your Event promotion. Here’s how to create a Facebook Event.

Creating Facebook Events is simple and easy, but you should always keep in mind the following formula: the more accurate your Event information is, the more followers you get. But be precise: the more text the better is not the right strategy in this case.

Let’s go though Facebook Event creation step-by-step.

1) Go to a page you would like to create an Event from and select the ‘Events” tab. Follow to ‘Create Event’ button.

2) Select a cover picture or a video. You can select any file form your computer. What is the correct size of a cover picture? Go check with our recent post How to chose the Correct Facebook Event Photo Size

3) Indicate the name of the Event (up to 64 symbols) and select the location. Put in the address and select a venue with other Facebook events linked: in this case your event will also show in recommendations on the venue page. You can also add the venue as a co-host right away.

How to Create a Facebook Event
Event cover, name and location

4) ‘Frequency’ tab enables you to indicate a single date for your Event, make it regular or select several random dates.

5) Do not skip adding the correct start and end time, people do find this information convenient.

6) Details on the event include the category, key words for a better search and a ‘Description’ field. Spend some time to prepare a laconic but attractive description to make people understand what the Event is about.

How to Create a Facebook Event
Facebook Event Details

7) Enable messaging so that people could reach you out with any questions on the event.

8) Are you planning to sell tickets for your Event? It is a must to indicate a link to purchase tickets in the ‘Ticket URL’ box.

9) Add co-hosts of the event to make sure the Event is displayed to an auditory as wide as possible. Add all possible co-hosts to enlarge the reach of your event. See other important tips on free event promotion here: Free Facebook Promotion for Events. You can also enable or disable visitors posts to your Event.

How to Create a Facebook Event
Facebook Event information

10) Make the Event public right away or schedule it for publication.

The list above is just an outline of the procedure. A lot of useful tips on how to fill in all fields can be found in our article How to create an event on Facebook ready for promotion

How to Schedule Facebook Event Posts

It goes without saying, that regular posting on Facebook Events helps to grow the audience and keep your subscribers updated on all possible changes. It is helpful to post with a regular interval to remind people on the Event, to share engaging content and get new subscribers through shares and likes. What you need is to schedule Facebook Event posts.

But posting regularly needs time and effort, and what if you have several Events planned? Getting back to posting every day for each Event? Too much consideration!

A kind of way out is scheduling your posts on Facebook, and there is a special feature to do this. You can spend some time to plan a number of posts for an event, and then schedule them: they will be published at the exact time you indicate for posting.

Here’s how to schedule Facebook Event posts:

How to Schedule Facebook Event Posts Tutorial

  • Open you Facebook Event page.
  • Make sure you are posting from the page hosting the Event: otherwise your subscribers will not get notified on your posts.
  • Type in the text you prepared for your post. Add a link to your ticketing website or to any relevant content.
  • Skip the Post button and click the arrow to schedule your post.
  • Select the date and time for the post to be published. Click Schedule.
  • Repeat the same for the remaining posts you want to be published on different dates.
  • You can access all scheduled posts by the See post link. You can delete any of the posts you scheduled.
    This menu will also let you to publish the post right away or reschedule it, or to edit the post.

Convenient and fast? Not quite…

Here’s a better and easier way to schedule your Facebook posts

Event Marketing Toolbox enables you to schedule posts individually tailored for each Event in bulk. Schedule the post once and it will be published to any number of Events you need. As simple as follows:

How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Event Marketing Toolbox

  • Click Schedule a Post button to get to posting composer.
  • Select the Events you would like to post to in bulk. In case you have a large number of Events connected, there is a search function to help you.
  • Type the text of your post. Make use of handy tags so that the text is tailored per each particular Event: the date, city and venue of the Event, the number of days left before the Event and other.
  • Attach a picture, video of GIF to the post, if needed. You can also use a random pic from the Event’s media library.
  • Select to either post right away or choose a date for the posts to be published.
  • Preview the posts, delete any if needed. You can also get back to the composer to change something. 
  • Ready to post? Just hit the Schedule Posts Button.

That’s it. You don’t have to select the hosting page, you don’t need to schedule post for each Event separately! Fast and easy, isn’t it? Consider our creative ideas on engaging content for your Events.

How to Invite People to an Event on Facebook

Effective marketing of your Facebook Events depends on the number of people who know about the Event and can share it with their friends. Viral growth is one of the major instruments to make your Event a success. But how does one increase the number of people who click Going in an Event? You need to know how to invite people to an Event on Facebook.

Unfortunately, in case you have a public Event hosted by a Page, Facebook won’t let you notify all people who liked the Page on the Event directly. One way to make your followers know about the Event is to share the Event on the Page, so that subscribers of the page get a notification on the post. Here’s how:

  • Go to an Event page, click Share.
  • Select Share as Post option.
  • Proceed with Share on a Page You Manage option.
  • Select the page hosting the Event and that’s it. The post will be published on the Page and will appear in the Newsfeeds of the Page subscribers.

How to Invite People to an Event on Facebook
Facebook Share as Post option

How to Invite People to an Event on Facebook
Share on a Page You  Manage

Of course, there is also a way to invite particular people to an Event, but this will only be applicable to your personal Friends on Facebook. Start again with the Share button on the Event page, but this time go for Invite Friends.

How to Invite People to an Event on Facebook
Invite Friends to a Facebook Event

Select all your Friends to be notified on the Event and click Send Invites.

Both options might or might not bring you new Event goers, but you can enhance them with paid Facebook Ads any time. We’ve got a great article of Paid Facebook Ads as well as a number of actionable tips for Free Facebook Event Promotion in our blog.

How to Add Facebook Events to Calendar

It is very convenient to use the Facebook Events you are Going for your calendar, so that you are always updated on the upcoming events and birthdays of your friends.  But how to add Facebook Events to calendar?

Here’s how to sync Facebook and Google calendar fast ad easy: all you need is a couple of Facebook Events you followed and Google calendar to sync with. You can either export a single event, or export all events you are going to in one action.

Exporting your Facebook Events to Google calendar

How to add a single event to your default calendar:

  • Find a Facebook Event you are planning to attend and click Going.
  • Click options (the three dots on the right) and chose Export Event.
  • Select the Save to calendar option to export this single event. Download of a *.ics file will start automatically.
  • Go to Google calendar, click + (Add other calendars) button, select Import
  • Locate the *.ics file on your computer, chose the calendar to add the record to (if you have several) and click Import.

Add all events you have on Facebook:

  • In case you need to sync all events you are going to, click options (the three dots on the right) and chose Export Event, but this time just copy the link
  • Go to Google calendar, click + (Add other calendars) button, select From URL.
  • Past the URL copied and click Add Calendar.

How to Add Facebook Events to Calendar

This is how to make use of the Facebook Events you are going to for you schedule planning.

More tips on Facebook Events in our blog.

How to Make a Poll on Facebook Event

There is a number of ways to remind your subscribers about your Event, but creating polls is double useful. Hesitating what tracks to include in the set list for your Event or wondering whether people were satisfied with the venue last time? Just ask them!

Here’s how to make a poll on Facebook Event:

  1. On your Facebook Event page select Create Poll in the posting box right below the Event description.
  2. Important! Make sure you are creating the poll from the host of the Event, otherwise your subscribers will not get a notification on the new poll published.
  3. Fill in a question or an offer to vote. This options can be plain text, or pictures attached. 
  4. Suggest the variants for your subscribers to vote for.
  5. Use Add option link to add as many options as needed. You can also attach a picture to each of the options.
  6. By default, Facebook will enable your followers to select multiple options, uncheck the the checkbox in Poll Options dropdown to change this.
  7. Publish the poll right away or Schedule the post for a particular time using the arrow button at the right-bottom corner.

How to Make a Poll on Facebook Event

Don’t hesitate to use pictures for you poll options: media content always works better than plain text. Engaging polls are a great way to attract attention of the audience and can lead to viral growth for your event. See how eagerly people respond to interactive content on Facebook:

Polls for viral growth of your events

We’ve got a number of great ideas for engaging content for your Facebook Events – see if they help you grow your audience fast and easy.

That’s it. Do not forget to monitor the poll results to understand your fans and followers better.

How to Make Someone an Admin on Facebook Event

Making any changes to a Facebook Event requires particular permissions that  Facebook Event admins have. Recently Facebook changed the terminology, so now page admins are referred to as hosts. Thus, to grant the right to manage and edit your Facebook Event, you need to add a host to the Event.

A step-by-step guide on how to make someone an admin on Facebook Event:

  1. Go to your Event page and click Edit button.
  2. Scroll down the Event details to Co-hosts field.
  3. Choose a person or a page to be added as co-host and to be granted the right to manage the Event.
  4. Pages and Friends will be pending until they accept the co-host request for the Event.

That’s it. Do not forget that you can remove co-hosts of your Event any time in the Event settings. Click Edit button to change the settings, if needed.

How to chose the Correct Facebook Event Photo Size

What is the ideal Facebook Event photo size? Simple as it may seem, the question interest many people who promote on Facebook.

The perfect size for a cover picture is 1920×1080 pixels, which is recommended by Facebook.

facebook event photo size
Correct Facebook Event Photo Size

The right size is not the only feature to be taken care of. Go through the following check list to see if you did your best to make the maximum use of your Event covers.

Facebook Event cover photo check list:

  • The right size is 1920×1080 pixels.
  • The photo should be catching: a recognizable image, photo or logo.
  • Do not add text to your covers: you will not be able to use them in Facebook Ads with text embedded.
  • Keep it in mind that the cover photo will appear smaller in Facebook app, so make sure the thing depicted is still readable and catching.

Follow the simple steps above to make the utmost use of your Event photo.

Two Main Principles of Facebook Promotion Usually Neglected

Our goal is to increase the probability of our Event info to appear in newsfeed of interested users. Each step of your Event promotion should start with the following question: “How relevant will this post/ad/event be for the auditory you target? Will people be interested in it? Will they click? Will users respond or leave comments on your post/ad?” But get it right: each ad message should not contain a direct appeal to leave comments or likes. Facebook punishes for that.

Create engaging content

To win over Facebook, start thinking like Facebook. The primary Facebook promotion rule is to be relevant, be engaging. As it is known, Facebook employs Algorithm News Feed to analyze activity of each user and determine what to show in the user’s newsfeed. Content is on the rise, and the social network analyzes millions of posts that users followed to select several dozens, that will be scrolled through in spare moments.

In case you promote a yoga master class, invite friends who are keen on yoga. When purchasing ads for a musical band, do not target at all musical fans, but only fans of bands similar to yours.

If your ad, invitation, broadcast is useful and ultimately relevant, Facebook will encourage it. Free viral promotion will also follow.

Paid promotion is of great importance

The second principle goes as follows: nothing will promote itself. Even Events created from official pages with millions of fans do not easily draw a large audience. It is important to proceed with both free and paid promotion. The example below proves that even an Event launched on a page with millions of fans is not sufficient to draw enough responders.

Read more on free Facebook promotion for Events and paid Event advertising in our blog. 

Event host pageLuke Bryan Official PageThings To Do in Austin
Host page fans8,717,1234,572
Posts by event host055
Likes on published posts02,154
Shares and invitations31472
Comments (not moderated)81630
Event responders2,00019,840

Event host pageBruno Mars Official PageThings To Do in Boston
Host page fans57,804,4417,682
Posts by event host082
Likes on published posts01,790
Shares and invitations35479
Comments (not moderated)17320
Event responders2,07517,750