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Winning strategy for your Facebook Event

How to get a wider audience and sell more tickets

Event Marketing Toolbox gives you the tool you need to achieve the maximum for each part.

Manage any number of Facebook Events

Post updates, gather stats, run ads.

Single Event
Focus on your big date.
On Tour
Talk and announce to each event attender on tour.
Save hours on working with whole season schedule.

Post like a PRO

Made especially for Facebook Events

Save time
Stop manually posting to each Event. Schedule content at once.
Customize one post to any event
Use tags for city, dates, addresses, ticket link to make each post unique.
Robust Media
Attach images, GIFs, videos. Integrated with GIPHY and YouTube.

Run Facebook Event Ad in a Few Clicks

Proven Ad strategies
Save hours on creating Facebook Ads for Events. Use efficient Ad strategies based on real-world experience out of the box.
Predefined Ad Ideas
Each Ad Idea is a fully prepared Facebook Ad with predefined targeting, location, demographic, date, and budget. Don't waste your time on research.
Got your back
If you are not satisfied with Ad Ideas, just ask. Our experienced event marketing team will help you at no additional cost.
Luke Bryan Official Page Things To Do in Austin
host page fans 8,717,123 4,572
posts by event host 0 55
likes on published posts 0 2,154
shares and invitations 31 472
comments (not moderated) 81 630
Result (event responders) 2'000 19'840

Posting is the key

Compare the same Facebook Events run by different host-pages. It looks like the official Luke Bryan page ignores posting to its events and talking to responders. It is really notable that a small page like 'Things to do in Boston' (has 1900x times smaller fun base!!!) outruns the official artist page with event promotion almost 10x times!

Huge fan base is not enough

The same example here: Bruno Mars has almost 60M fans on Facebook, but again it doesn't help to promote the event. Remember the rule of thumb: if you don't post any content about your Facebook event, only a few people will find it. Even if you have dozens of millions page subscribers.

Bruno Mars Official Page Things To Do in Boston
host page fans 57,804,441 7,682
posts by event host 0 82
likes on published posts 0 1,790
shares and invitations 35 479
comments (not moderated) 17 320
Result (event responders) 2'075 17'750

Research based only on public information available on September 3, 2017. Numbers subject to change. Images embedded from Facebook Events as an example, links included. Event Marketing Toolbox is NOT affiliated with Facebook, Bruno Mars or Luke Bryan.

A Must: Regular Posting

It's hard to sell tickets with just one touch. Just a few event responders immediately purchase tickets, others need your attention.

Introduce performers. Tell why the event is worth attending.
Use GIFs, Videos, Photos to express your event.
Facebook sends notifications to event responders on each new post.
The more people engaged with the event, the more it pops in news feed.

Event Marketing Toolbox

Plan and prepare all necessary announcements: presell, price change, news, surveys, etc.
Track clicks, likes, shares, comments, even ticket sales. Find what drives sales most.
Tailored event marketing campaigns. Start new campaign in a few clicks.
Pre-written and tested post templates for the best event marketing results.
Manage as many Facebook events as you need, even if it's a global 100+ event tour.
Seamless integration with GIPHY to use the most engaging gifs to catch attention.
Upload native Facebook video for more engagement.
Ads, Support, Website widget are coming soon.

Event marketing toolbox build for event professionals

Sports Team

The tool seemed very convenient and interesting for us to work with numerous events. Planning posts, using templates, launching advertising - every feature is useful. We want to even better explore the functionality.

Sasha Puzan Social Media Team Lead,

EventMarketingToolbox saved us much time on event marketing. One of the best features is monitoring Facebook Ads effectiveness: statistics is displayed on a very convenient dashboard. Thanks to regular template auto-posting, we got better audience involvement at no extra cost. Organic reach also increased as compared to the usual way of launching ads without regular content updates.

Olga Lelikova VP of Marketing, RedKassa

Facebook Events for us is a new customer acquisition channel. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. Event Marketing Toolbox greatly saved us time, allowing us to spend about 2 hours a week managing dozens of Facebook Events.

Sergei Zachepilov Head of Social Media, Ponominalu

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